Youth Program


Youth Program Available to Youth 8 -17 YRS

Youth Can Learn Responsibility While Helping Animals In Need

Eligibility –  Youth Must be 8 – 17 Years of Age during the program to be eligible. 

The Arizona  Youth Pet Program (AYYP) is a unique combined educational & entrepreneur experience for outstanding youth students and an opportunity for motivated young people to foster or adopt animals in need. The AYYP mission is to encourage young people to help with animals in need.


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Youth Group

Eligibility And Rules

  • Must be able to handle and care for pet
  • Provide Water, Food , Shelter
  • First-come, first-served basis
  • Must Be At least 8 Years Old 
  • Must be a resident of Arizona

About The Arizona Youth Pet Program

Provides Opportunities For Young People To Rescue, Foster and Adopt a Pet In Need.

Helping Others

Helping Others

Our focus is helping those animals that are in need of a home. Sometimes it’s due to a lack of housing or maybe relocation, allergies, kids going to college, change of lifestyle, no matter the reason we seek to help those in need.Adopt Don’t Buy

Adopt Don’t Buy

The Adopt, don’t Shop campaign was started to bring public awareness to the plight of homeless animals and to encourage prospective pet owners to adopt from animal shelters and rescue groups as opposed to buying pets from on-line retailers or pet shops.Earn Rewards

Earn Rewards

You can earn rewards by helping animals in need. The program allows you to earn rewards for each month that you foster a pet, these rewards can be redeemed yearly.
Youth Program

Ready for the next steps

To get started you must fill out the youth application. Applications are taken on a first come first served basis.

Apply For Youth Program
0Arizona ResidentsCurrently only available to Arizona Residents.
0Ages 8 – 17Currently Available to those who are 8 -17 years of age.
Learn About The Youth Program

Youth Animal Program

You can learn more about the youth program through our interactive 5 week e-mail information course. You can subscribe below.

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